What Is Pitta Dosha?

The doshas refer to the three biological energies of Vata, Pitta, and Kapha that govern all our physical and mental processes. These energies are derived from the five elements: Space, Air, Fire, Water, and Earth. The presence of three doshas is visible through out the human body and mind ranging from complex biological functions to personality traits.

Pitta (Fire)Pitta Dosha

One of the three doshas made of fire element, characterized by heat, temperature and digestion in the body. The qualitites of pitta dosha include hot, sharp, oily, liquid, light, pungent, sour, and spreading. These qualities are visible through out the human body and mind ranging from complex biological functions to personality traits.


Physiological Characteristics

It is the energy of ‘digestion’ and governs all processes related to metabolism in the body, that functions through carrier substances such as enzymes, bile, hormones, and organic acids.


Physical Characteristics

Average weight, medium height, oily skin, straight soft hair, well-formed pink nails, bright eyes, determined stride, sharp and direct speech, strong appetite, low tolerance for hot weather.


Qualities of balanced individuals

Highly intelligent with penetrating ideas, courageous, confident, determined, ambitious, organized, funny, joyful, natural leaders, sharp memory, great planners, strong sense of discernment.


Qualities of imbalanced individuals

Hotheaded, controlling of others, overly competitive, stubborn, critical, judgmental, materialistic, manipulative, loud, aggressive, egotistical, tendency to erupt with anger, overly extroverted, like to be center of attention.


Common Disorders

Hyperacidity, ulcers, heartburn, liver disorders, intolerance to heat, skin rashes, hot flashes, excessive thirst, weakness of senses, disorders of the stomach and small intestine.


Ways Pitta Becomes Imbalanced

Spicy and fermented food, anger, prolonged exposure to sun and heat.


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