As a Family physician practicing for over a decade, healthy food is my first choice of medicine..yup we are calling it a medicine has become harder to find, understand and adopt. Everyone wants to be healthy, look good, feel good, but few know where to start. Preeti is very knowledgeable, thorough and passionate about Ayurveda. I consider my self well versed with nutrition and yet I found myself learning a lot more here. I highly recommend her. - Anita Patil, M.D.

Preeti takes painstaking efforts to educate the client and her material has a ton of very important and useful information put together in a simple and easy to understand presentation. I, both, as a parent and as a pediatrician, strongly recommend her. - Vidya, M.D. 
Preeti is extremely passionate and knowledgeable about a wide array of health and food-related topics and generously shares her knowledge with those connected with her. I highly value her expertise and opinion in this field. - Shriti Bhandari, San Ramon
It made me think about my eating habits and my ability to make a positive change towards my well being by simply being more knowledgeable about what I was eating. It brought home in a concrete way the saying you are not what you eat but what you digest. - Rajat Gupta, New York

Thanks a lot Preeti for all the information and educating my daughter about the everyday things that we eat. It’s important for kids to start early. My daughter has greatly enjoyed the time she has spent learning about making better and healthier choices. - Kirti Chauhan, San Ramon
The group workshop was very informative and it helped our students to pay attention to the ingredients of the food they consume. The workshop offers invaluable information about the ingredients, importance of moderation and help making healthier choices. - Live Oak School Teacher, San Ramon

The students enjoyed the health workshop in class and personally it was very helpful to me learning about the different food ingredients and the bad combinations. I would highly recommend her.- Quail Run School Teacher, San Ramon

I thoroughly enjoyed the discussion and the information given in the group workshop. It was very helpful. I didn't know about the GMO stamp or the fiber stamp or to look for the different types of oils on the ingredient list. It makes complete sense to do that, I just didn't know. I would highly recommend other parents to attend your health workshops! - Quail Run School Auction Winner, San Ramon
Preeti helped my kids in learning about the bad food combinations. I would highly recommend her. - Smrita, Certified Nutrition Consultant

I realized the importance of buying and combining the right foods in the first place and not just eating/feeding the family and myself unknowingly especially since healthier options are generally available in the grocery store sitting at the same rack. Thank you Preeti for arming me with the knowledge, to make better decisions towards not only my own health but for my whole family.  - Reet Mand, Union City   

My child and I got to know about the bad food ingredients to watch out for. Thank you very much. It was surely an eye-opener for us. - Prashant Kodali, San Ramon

Preeti is very passionate about her mission to encourage people to take accountability for their nutrition, diet, and overall health. Best of all, she leads by example in her daily life. - Apoorva Karan, San Ramon

So grateful this amazing service by Preeti Gupta was made available to me! Anything you would see a doctor for can be helped by working with an Ayurvedic practitioner, and Preeti is wonderful! - Whitney Arvin, Yoga Instructor, Indiana

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