8 Ways To Beat Spring Allergies With Ayurveda

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According to a recent article in the U.S. News & World Report, allergies are assuming epidemic proportions in the United States, with up to 30% of adults and 40% of children now suffering from hay fever symptoms – nasal congestion and itchy, watering eyes. Allergy now reportedly appears regularly in the top 10 reasons for visits to doctors’ offices.

From an Ayurveda perspective, it is believed that the primary cause of allergies in the body is due to accumulation of toxins and low immunity. So what can you do? Work to clear out those toxins and build up your immunity. While it is sometimes difficult to completely avoid an allergen, you can protect yourself by using a few Ayurvedic healing practices listed below:


1.Take triphala

Coated tongue is sign of toxicity in the body. Triphala is helpful in treating allergies by cleansing toxins and keeping the digestive tract clean. The recommended dosage is ½-1 teaspoon with a cup of warm water before dinner at night. Click here to buy triphala powder.


2. Use honey

Raw honey possesses unique medicinal and cleansing properties. A teaspoon of raw honey every morning is highly beneficial in treating the itchy-watery eyes, thick mucous and nasal congestion. Honey should not be heated or mixed with hot foods. Click here to buy organic raw honey.


3. Add turmeric to your diet

Turmeric is a highly effective immune booster. Taking a pinch of turmeric with warm milk has been an age-old practice in India for warding off runny nose, sore throat, cough and chest congestion. Add turmeric to your lunch and dinner meals.


4. Drink cumin, coriander and fennel (CCF tea)

Cumin, coriander and fennel (CCF) tea is an ayurvedic digestive tea to keep your digestive fire strong. It helps alleviate body aches and cleanses the toxins. Try CCF tea recipe today.


5. Avoid heavy, cold foods in your diet

Avoid heavy, cold foods such as cold drinks and ice creams. Eat light and easily digestible meals. Search our healthy recipes.


6. Scrape your tongue everyday

Scrape your tongue every morning after brushing. Coated tongue is sign of accumulated undigested foods in the body. Click here to buy copper tongue cleaner.


7. Avoid frozen, pre-packaged foods in your diet

Avoid frozen, pre-packaged foods in your diet. Eat fresh-homemade foods. Try our quick and healthy recipes.


8. Do daily nasya (nasal administration)

Applying a few drops of organic sesame oil will help relieve the dryness while use of warm ghee for nasya application will additionally soothen the burning sensation in the nasal passage. Apply the oil or ghee by hanging your head over the edge of the bed and squeezing 3-5 drops into each nostril. Lie there for a minute while massaging your nose and cheeks in a motion towards your forehead. Click here to buy organic sesame oil.

The key is to hone your sensitivity for noticing potential imbalances that may arise from your environment or from dietary or emotional imbalances, and to adopt practices that will counter-balance these influences. Whatever changes you decide to make, even if they’re small, commit to sticking with them. Happy Spring Everyone!

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