About Preeti

Preeti Gupta

Preeti Gupta founded Minute Wonder in 2010, motivated by her desire to improve her family’s health. She initially studied the Western approach to health, becoming a health data statistician, and started cooking for her family, creating her own recipes and teaching them about the food they were consuming. However, she found that this approach didn’t give her the results she was hoping for. 

So she began looking for other solutions and found “Integrated Ayurveda, Yoga, and Western Medicine” at Mount Madonna Institute, College of Ayurveda. She became certified as an Ayurveda Health Counselor and then completed “Advanced Classical Ayurveda Training” (over 4000 hours) at Shubham Ayurveda Clinic & Classroom, studying classical texts in Sanskrit. She started helping her community with Ayurveda by inviting friends and family to be her clients.

Preeti didn’t stop there, she went to Pune, India to learn “Traditional Ayurveda Therapies,” including Panchkarma, and other traditional procedures like Ayurvedic massage, shiro dhara, karma purna, vrana karma, agni karma, nadi swedan and sweating therapy in a clinical setting. Additionally, she learned Ayurvedic food recipes and herbal formulations, including oils and decoctions, at Arya Ayurveda Clinic. With the demand for her services increasing, Preeti completed various business courses to improve her outreach and gain a deeper understanding of human-centered approaches and design. She also completed 500 hours to become a licensed massage therapist at Mckinnon Body Therapy Center

With her unique background combining Western food industry and business knowledge with a deep devotion to Ayurveda and therapy, Preeti’s approach to health is truly unique and effective. She is a professional member of the National Ayurvedic Medical Association (NAMA) and opened an Ayurveda clinic in the Bay Area (San Ramon) in 2021.

Why Choose Minute Wonder Ayurveda in San Ramon?

In addition to meeting all necessary degree requirements, Preeti’s wisdom, personality, and intuition create a welcoming, non-judgmental environment that allows you to foster growth, health, and happiness. You’ll see firsthand the roots of India that she shares with the world and the extent of what your world can be. Preeti has already helped many clients and is eager to help you as well.

New Clients: Sign-Up For A Free 15-Minute Phone Consultation

If you are a new client considering an Ayurveda consultation, we offer a FREE 15-minute phone consultation to help you get started. During this call, you will have the opportunity to discuss some of your key health objectives and concerns with one of our practitioners. This is a great opportunity to ask questions and get a feel for how Ayurveda can support your overall health and well-being.

Located in San Ramon, Serving the East Bay Area

Looking for top-rated Ayurvedic care in the San Ramon region? Minute Wonder Ayurveda, founded by Ayurvedic Doctor Preeti Gupta, is the place to go. Our Holistic Clinic and Wellness Center is located in San Ramon and offers a range of Ayurvedic treatments and therapies based on the principles of this ancient medical system.

During consultations at Minute Wonder Ayurveda, you can expect the following based on your circumstances:

  • A focus on disease prevention, natural detoxification, and rejuvenation for healing the mind, body, and soul.
  • A personal and professional questionnaire to understand your body type (constitution).
  • Customized diet, herbal supplements, and daily self-care guidance.
  • Ayurvedic recipes, bodywork, and herbal therapies for treatment.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to Preeti at 510-579-7124 or email her at preeti@minutewonder.com. She is passionate about using everyday food as a nourishing medicine and looks forward to taking part in your Ayurvedic journey. Remember, “It’s never too early or too late to work towards being the healthiest YOU!”

Contact us at (925) 380-6078 to book an appointment and experience the benefits of Ayurveda firsthand. Located in San Ramon, Minute Wonder Ayurveda serves the East Bay Area, including Danville, Livermore, Pleasanton, and Dublin.