About Preeti

Preeti Gupta

Preeti Gupta founded Minute Wonder in 2010, inspired by her love and passion for her family and their health. She began her journey by studying the Western approach to health, becoming a health data statistician and cooking for her family, making her own recipes, and helping them become aware of what was in their food, candy, and drinks. She gave talks to her local elementary school, neighbors, and friends. 

She had helped her family, though she quickly realized she wasn’t getting expected results of nourishment, fitness, and, yet, alleviating allergies. 

She began her search for alternative solutions, quickly discovering “Integrated Ayurveda, Yoga and Western Medicine” at Mount Madonna Institute, College of Ayurveda and got Certified to practice as Ayurveda Health Counselor followed by “Advanced Classical Ayurveda Training” (4000+ hours) from Shubham Ayurveda Clinic & Classroom, where she studied classical texts (Charak, Vagbhat, Sushrut) in Sanskrit. She began inviting friends, friends of friends, and family as clients and helped her community with Ayurveda.

Yearning to learn more, she didn’t stop there.

She travelled to Pune, India to learn “Traditional Ayurveda Therapies” including Panchkarma and various Ayurveda traditional procedures such as abhyanga (massage), shirodhara, karna poorna, vrana karma, agni karma, nadi sweda in the clinical set-up. She brushed her knowledge of Ayurvedic food recipes along with various herbal formulations including oils and decoctions, from Arya Ayurveda Clinic. 

Realizing growing demand, she took part in various business courses to further expand her outreach, understand human centered approaches/design, and fulfilled 500 hours to be a licensed massage therapist at Mckinnon Body Therapy Center

Her unique background, from becoming a health data analyst and understanding the Western food industry, business, and society, to her devotion to the multiple facets of Ayurveda and therapy, Preeti’s approach to your health will be truly unique, effective, and understood. She is a professional member of the National Ayurvedic Medical Association (NAMA) and her deep knowledge, passion, and hard work has led her to open up an Ayurveda clinic in the Bay area in 2021.

Why Minute Wonder Ayurveda?

Asides from excelling in degree requirements, Preeti’s deep wisdom, personality, and intuition creates an open, non-judging, and understanding environment that allows you to foster growth, health, and happiness. You will begin to recognize the roots of India she shares to the world, and the extent of what your world can be. She has helped many clients already, and has her arms open to help you as well!

Below is what you may see in our consultations, based on your circumstances:

  • Focused on disease prevention, natural detoxification, rejuvenation for healing the mind, body, and soul.
  • Personal and professional questionnaire to understand your body-type (constitution).
  • Customized diet, herbal supplements, and daily self-care guidance.
  • Ayurvedic recipes, bodywork and herbal therapies for treatment.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Preeti at 510-579-7124 or email her at preeti@minutewonder.com. She is passionate about using everyday food as a nourishing medicine and looks forward to take part in your Ayurvedic journey!

And remember, “It’s never too early or too late to work towards being the healthiest YOU!” – author unknown.