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The workshop made me think about my eating habits and my ability to make a positive change towards my well being by simply being more knowledgeable about what I was eating. It brought home in a concrete way the saying you are what you eat.
– Rajat Gupta, NY

The workshop was very informative. We became aware of where the different ingredients come from. It changed the way my child looks at candy. Now after more than 9 months, what he learned at the workshop still influences what he is willing to eat – he makes sure his candy is chosen carefully based on it’s ingredients. The look of horror on his face when he is offered anything that contains harmful ingredients commonly found in candy is priceless – highly recommend the workshop!
– Apoorva Karan, San Ramon, CA

After going through the workshop, our son doesn’t want to eat some of the candy since he’s aware of the contents in them. He even gave up his favorite candy and traded for a chocolate – A choice made by his own self. Thanks for setting the workshop. Truly informative!
– Nirmala & Prasanna Desai, CA

I am amazed at how much “bad stuff” is in our cereals & gets approved by our authorities. The workshops included just the right information in digestible size. The highlight was the cost comparison of organic vs. regular. I would highly recommend other families to attend your workshops. Thank You!!
– Reet Mand, Union City, CA

I attended a very timely and fabulous workshop recently with my kids about the different ingredients that are found in candy and where it comes from. It was an eye opener for me. I would highly recommend other parents to attend your workshops and would like you to host one candy workshop at my place soon.
– Shriti Bhandari, In Pursuit of Pictures

Hopefully the children will stop asking for candy. Very helpful to me to know about the ingredients of candy. I would definitely recommend other parents to attend your workshops.
– Shailaja Police, San Ramon, CA

Very helpful! Really got good information about the bad ingredients of candy. I would highly recommend others to attend your workshops.
– Aarti Peshkar, San Ramon, CA

I am definitely going to look at the ingredients next time I buy any candy. I would recommend others to attend your workshops. I would like you to host the workshops for the mom’s group that I am part of.
– Seema Shah, San Ramon, CA

Me and my child got to know about the bad ingredients to watch out for. Thank you very much for these sessions. It was surely an eye-opener for us.
– Prashant Kodali, San Ramon, CA

The workshops are a must for all the parents. It’s the parents who buy the stuff for their kids. Parents should attend these workshop along with their kids.
– Vikas Mahajan, San Ramon, CA

I thoroughly enjoyed the discussion and the information given in the cereal workshop. It was very helpful. I didn’t know about the GMO stamp or the fiber stamp or to look for the different types of oils on the ingredient list. It makes complete sense to do that, I just didn’t know. I would highly recommend other parents to attend your workshops!
– QR School Auction Winner, San Ramon, CA

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