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As a Family physician practicing for over a decade, healthy food is my first choice of medicine..yup we are calling it a medicine has become harder to find, understand and adopt. Everyone wants to be healthy, look good, feel good, but few know where to start. I loved Preeti’s Minute Wonder workshops. She has done painstaking research to make this complicated food business sound simple even for kids to understand. I consider my self well versed with nutrition and yet I found myself learning a lot more here. I highly recommend parents to attend her workshops with their kids It’s a fun road to a healthy lifestyle!!
– Anita Patil, M.D., Family Physician, CA

Preeti’s workshop was very refreshing. It is a ton of very important and useful information put together in a simple and easy to understand presentation. I, both, as a parent and as a pediatrician, strongly recommend her workshops for all parents and their children.
– Vidya, M.D., Pediatrician, CA

The workshop helped my own kids in learning about the bad ingredients of the candy. I would highly recommend other parents and the children to attend your workshops. The workshops are very interactive and has good learning stuff for the kids as well as adults.
– Smrita, Certified Nutrition Consultant, CA

Thanks a lot Preeti for all the information and educating my daughter about the everyday things that we eat. It’s important for kids to start early. Your workshops are fun, creative and very well planned. My daughter has learned a lot about her own favorite foods. We liked every bit of it.
– Kirti Chauhan, Ayurvedic Practitioner, CA

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The students enjoyed the workshop in the class and personally it was very helpful to me learning about the different ingredients of candy. I would highly recommend her workshops to older kids and adults as well.
– Quail Run School Teacher, San Ramon, CA

The workshop was very informative and it helped our students to pay attention to the ingredients of the food they consume. The workshop offers invaluable information about the ingredients, importance of moderation and help making healthier choices.
– Live Oak School Teachers, San Ramon, CA

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