Green Halloween Tips

Halloween TipsMost parents we know think that their Halloween job is to manage or minimize their kids’ sugar consumption. After all, you can’t have Halloween without trick-or-treating. It’s so much fun for your little princess or superhero to collect treats from all the neighbors. On the other hand, it can also be a frustrating time for parents who encourage kids to eat healthy foods and make sweets a limited part of a balanced and nutritious diet. It’s easy to make it a healthy holiday for your family and the environment. Just follow these 5 simple steps:


1. Trick or Treat on a Full Stomach

Feed the kids before sending them out to trick-or-treat. It will help prevent snacking on the road and they’ll be more likely to bring all the treats home. Time permitting; try incorporating other fun activities into Halloween, so it’s not all about the candy. Take the kids to a family-friendly costume party or harvest festival to celebrate before going trick-or-treating.


2. Trade Cash or a toy for Candy

Don’t take away, or make them give away, their Halloween earnings. It will only make them crave more of the candy. Instead, before the kids dig into their stash, you may be able to get them to part with it if you offer them something equally attractive, such as pocket money. Have a Halloween Fairy or Great Pumpkin visit your home to swap out conventional candy and leave better treats, treasures and/or gifts behind. Visit to see if your local dentists are participating in the candy buyback program this year.


3. Thinking Green this Halloween? Carry two bags: one for treats and a bag for trash

Your treat bag doesn’t need to be some synthetic polyester pumpkin. Instead use a reusable grocery bag or a decorated old pillowcase. In addition to your treat bag, carry a second bag for litter. Each November 1st, people wake to streets and sidewalks littered with candy wrappers and discarded costumes. This Halloween, walk with a trash bag in hand and help keep our streets clean.


4. Think of creative ways to celebrate Halloween without candy

Children love to collect little trinkets. This Halloween, plan ahead of time and choose non-food fun treasures instead of traditional candy. Get inexpensive Halloween themed toys like pencils, tattoos, stickers, light-up glow sticks, mini play dough containers, fake jewels, vampire teeth, fake fingers, noise makers or whistles, party favors etc.


5. When it’s all over, donate!

Take this year’s costume and host a swap party with neighbors or school friends so you’ll all have something new to wear next year. Or, better yet, donate your costumes to a local children’s hospital. They’re always so grateful for any donated books, toys, and costumes for dress up days. Click here to find a nearest costume swap event in your area.

Remember: Halloween is meant to be fun. So get creative as you look for new ways to celebrate Halloween with your child this year. Happy Halloween!

Source: NonGMO project and GreenHalloween

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