Children’s Ayurveda Workshop

Children’s Healthy Eating Ayurveda Workshop

Children’s personalized healthy eating Ayurveda workshop helps children learn about their own favorite food items such as cereals, cookies, chips, candy, juices etc. and teaches them how to make better choices. Ayurvedic workshops are hands-on, interactive and take place in my home or in your own home.

Children will

Children Health Workshop

✓ Pick their own favorite food items such as cereals, candy, cookies, chips and juices.

✓ Explore the effects of their own eating behavior on their health, well-being and environment.

✓ Learn about the risks of eating incompatible food combinations according to Ayurveda.

✓ Start making informed food choices and develop healthy eating and lifestyle habits.

Cost: $30 per child   


To schedule children’s healthy eating educational workshop, please contact Preeti Gupta at 510-579-7124 or email today!